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ecobee SmartBuildings

Thermostat Solutions 

Proxy electric I Ecobee Installation

Proxy electric is an ecobee SmartBuilding trained and certified installation contractor; specializing in large scale commercial installations.

Professional HVAC, Heat Pump or PTAC management from anywhere in the world. Our technicians install a robust network in your building capable of supporting hundreds of thermostats and smart sensors. The ecobee system offers a tailored connection to your most costly, controllable energy loss.

As an added luxury your tenants may have access to their own thermostat control on a mobile application. In the background you will have full utilization of easy to use settings and automatic energy saving functions.  

Help reduce our carbon footprint and save your establishment money.

Book a free no obligation consultation today and lets see what 

Canada's own thermostat solution can do for your setting.

Approved for all applicable government energy grants.

Proxy electric I Ecobee Sensors

Simple & Powerful all in one solution...

Up to 32 unique ID temperature Sensors per thermostats

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