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At Proxy electric it is our primary obligation to keep all individuals we are in contact with safe and away from possible exposure to the COVID-19 Virus.

Currently we are operating with reduced staff and from home where the option is available. Although we are "Essential" our services are limited to projects that are deemed essential by the Canadian 

Government such as daycare centres, medical, commercial & Industrial buildings

ongoing repairs and maintenance. 


Please do not visit our offices at this time as we are working from home. Our field staff 

are on service daily and virtual meetings can be set up at your convenience. 


Stay Safe and Keep Healthy 

What we are doing to help protect our employees and the people around us.

  • Service vehicles are fully sanitized nightly

  • Service equipment is sanitized before and after use

  • Sanitizer is in full stock on all employees

  • Medical masks are in full stock on all Techs

  • All Proxy locations have a sink with hand cleaner

  • Our employees are trained on how to keep surfaces clean and sanitized

  • Technicians wear a clean mask and practice extreme social distancing

  • Before entering any client space, hands and equipment are sanitized


Proxy employees must stay home if they feel sick or if they think they may have

been in contact with the Corona Virus. 

Proxy Corp I COVID 19 1M
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